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ProdMod Hoop kit -(AA Module Version)
Finally made the time to focus on this project. Once I got started I couldn’t stop, and finished about 2am. LOL :) The next night Taylor, my 9 year old daughter, was anxious to try it out just before she went to bed. She is still in her PJ’s. :) She is not use to a hoop this size, but had fun with it. I was amazed how bright it was. I have since criss-crossed gaffers tape on it for addition grip. It gives it more definition. I am ready to make another! – Shadowwalker5

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I bought the rechargeable kit from Prodmod and put it together in only about 3-4 hours. You just have to make sure you do in fact have all the right tools on hand. That wire stripper in his video is at Radio Shack and makes it SO easy to strip the wire in no time.
A little time and patience and you can have an LED hoop very easily. I actually opted for saran wrap to silence and diffuse the LED’s in the tubing, works like a charm and costs nothing since it’s in the kitchen :-) If you follow the instructions carefully (read through them first) it’s very easy to do.

[youtube K__CVwHsLD4]

My hubby put it together and it is AMAZING!!! the instructions were easy to follow (my hubby actually made it more sufficient and did it in no time. I STRONGLY recommend this if you are looking for an inexpensive way to have a glow hoop! Happy hooping everyone!!Melissa

[youtube s9iIUK-Zs58]
White, UV, Slow, Fast, Blue Green by Stina




JenWeb uses the ProdMod hoop at Fiasco


















Liana and I friggin love our hoops!!! They turned out great! The bubble wrap worked great… Liana and I have both gotten a lot of compliments. “Better than Superhooper” was one :) Most of the compliments are from hoopers that I greatly respect and admire. I am totally in love with my new dance partner. Thank you for everything! - JenWEB – funtownproductions.com

JenWeb on Tribe

liana performing with her DIY ProdMod LED Hoop




















People are totally mind boggled when I tell them, no, it’s not a Psi Hoop, LOL! -liana: hoop performer

Lealyn’s husband making her a ProdMod LED Hoop















A hooper’s hubby hard at work making a ProdMod hoop alongside online instructions









I received the hoop kit on Friday, and made the hoop on Saturday. I used hot glue to install the switch, and it worked really well. It was around midnight when I finished, but I couldn’t wait to try it out, so I threw on some snow boots and went outside. You can see the pictures below.
This was a fun project. My dad taught me how to solder, so I’ve also learned something new in the process. The hoop isn’t perfectly round, but I think it’ll straighten out as I use it. I’m very happy with the end product. Thanks again for the instructions. It was a pleasure doing business with you.



  1. Justin Quinones says:

    First off, this is probably my first big time thing I’ve constructed, and Ive got to hand it to ProdMod, they did a great job explaining everything in clear detail. When I first put the hoop together, even though the directions were clear it still didn’t come out how it was suppost to but as soon as I wrote a message asking them for help on what I was doing wrong they responded very quicky and told me exactly what I did wrong and how to fix it. They work with you on a personal level so you dont feel like you’re just talking to someone who doesnt care. Faboulous service I recommend ProdMod to anyone who wants to build a hula hoop, I just finished mine this morning, take a look!


  2. counter strike says:

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