ProdMod Certified Program – LED Hoop

If you are interested in becoming a ProdMod Certified Maker please read the short description below and fill out the application form.

What it is:

This is basically a way for customers to buy a fully assembled ProdMod LED hoop with confidence that the hoop has been assembled with the components that I supply to you as well as following the same assembly procedure they find on my website. This is a way to ensure a that a certain level of quality product is made by an experienced Maker who is approved by me.

How to get started:

The first step to be ProdMod Certified is to fill out the application below.

You will choose to be certified in a Standard LED Hoop or Rechargeable LED Hoop. If you made a standard hoop you would not be certified to sell rechargeable hoops. But if you made a rechargeable hoop you would be certified for both types of hoops.

I will then send you an invoice for the LED Hoop Maker Kit based on your selection. You would purchase the tubing separately. See the top of the Maker Kit Page for details on tubes.

You will build that hoop kit and take detailed photos of your assembly such as the LED connection to the wire, the wire connection to the battery, the filing of the connector, the hole for the switch, and an exterior photo of the installed switch and closed connector. You will also send a video showing the LED lights working and being used while the hoop is in motion.

I will review your photos/video and if your assembly is approved you are eligible to be certified for the proper level of hoop.

After I approve your assembly I will send you a general agreement that explains what is expected of both of us which you will sign and return to me. After you return the signed agreement you will be officially certified and your information will be added to the list of Certified Makers on my site as seen here

Being listed on that page is the only way for a customer to verify that you are in fact a ProdMod Certified Maker of LED hoops. It shows what level of hoop making you are certified for. It is also a way for them to gain access to your site to buy your hoops.

In return you must agree to use the name ProdMod to identify the type of hoop you are selling. It doesn’t have to be in the title of the product but it does have to be clearly visible in the description on the page where the LED hoop will be reviewed and purchased. You also agree to link back to that same page from your site through a link you place in plain view next your product description where someone would buy your hoop.

Your Certification is not permanent. After you are first approved your certification will only last 4 weeks. This is because you only have one ProdMod hoop in your hands.

If I didn’t put a deadline on your certification you could just sell any other type of hoop made of other material and get the advantage of free advertising on my site indefinitely.

Four weeks is assumed to be enough time to sell your first hoop using the traffic that flows from my site.

Your expiration date will be listed next to your information on my site (this might change in the future)

If 4 weeks pass without you extending your certification I would put a note next to your listing stating “certification expired” and eventually remove it from my page.

Extending Certification

In order to extend your certification you would need to buy Maker Kits.
This is a way to ensure that if you are selling ProdMod hoops you are most likely going to use my materials since you have paid for them.

Maker kits are essentially a hoop kit without tubing.

It is more economical and convenient for you to buy the tubing yourself in 100ft rolls and cut it to the length you need. When you have chosen your tubing supplier you’ll need to let me know who it is so that I can verify it is the correct material and approve them as a vendor.

One example is

The initial minimum purchase required to extend your certification is 5 maker kits which earns you 3 months of certification extension.

The kits can be made up of a variety of different color LEDs as long as you have 5 sets of everything: connectors, batteries, switches, wire and a total of 105 LEDs.

You can also buy the rechargeable battery kits if you plan to make rechargeable LED hoops.

After your initial purchase every 5 kits will earn you an additional 3 months.

(this extension period might grow in the future depending on how I find most maker’s sales are doing, so 5 kits might earn you more than 3 months)

Since you are buying the maker kits and/or rechargeable battery kits in bulk you would receive a discount.

The first 5 kits get a 15% discount. So a standard disposable battery maker kit would be $20.60 instead of $36.

The next 5 kits or more get a 10% discount.

In order to maintain your certification you have to do the following:

1. Promise that the hoops you sell are identified as ProdMod hoops and are
made with components that you buy directly from me and by assembly process as described on my site.
2. The tubing used to make your hoops is the same material and size
as I specify and purchased directly from an approved vendor.
3. You must add a link back to my website page where you are listed
as a certified maker. This link should be clearly placed next to your product on your website where your customer would place an order.
4. Maintain your certification by continuing to buy parts from me.

General Agreement

You agree to make high quality ProdMod LED Hoops by following the procedure posted on my website.

You are responsible for marketing your services to the public and to always refer to your LED hoops as “ProdMod LED Hoops” or explain that “This hoop is assembled using ProdMod instructions and materials” or something similar to that effect.

If you make improvements to the design you agree to share these improvements with me through email and photographs. We will discuss these improvements and decide if they should be included into what is sold as a “ProdMod” LED hoop.

ProdMod Certification Application
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  5. Is your website ready now?
  6. Have you already assembled this ProdMod Kit?
  7. Are you willing to have your craftsmanship critiqued?
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  1. Efstratia Mantzouranis says:

    Hello there, Happy Saturday. I sent in an application about three weeks ago and I was wondering if you got it or what the status of the application was? I used a different email address because my hotmail was hacked at the time and I’m not sure if I wrote the address correctly. If you reviewed it and were not interested could you let me know just for my own piece of mind so I’m not waiting for an email. Thank you, enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  2. prodmod says:

    sorry about that. I just sent you a message by email. Your first step is to build a hoop and document the construction process in detail. No need for me to send you a special invoice. you can just buy the kit from my site as usual.

  3. faucetscomplete says:

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