NEW LEDs with built in resistors RED, YELLOW, ORANGE

A number of you have asked why I didn’t carry Red, Yellow, or Orange LEDs.  The reason is because standard Red, Yellow, and Orange LEDs are designed to work with 2.2V and need a resistor if you use a 3v battery like the one we use for hula hoops. One of the main benefits to my LED hoop design is to avoid the need to attach resistors to your LED wire harness. Fewer parts results in easier assembly and a more reliable product.

But now I finally found LEDs with internal resistors specifically designed to work with 3V batteries. These are perfect for LED hula hoops or any LED project where your power source is 3V and you dont want to bother with resistors.


These can be combined with any LED on my site.

Buy them here

New Smaller Rechargeable Battery

small rechargeable battery

This new battery is a little larger than a typical AA battery so you can fit this into thinner tubing and tighter spaces.
This battery will fit tightly into a tubing with inner diameter of 0.6in such as the #58017 sold at

It will last about half as long as our standard battery.

Specs: 3.2V 600 mAh

Dimensions 0.625″D x 2″L

Cost: $16

You can buy this item from our accessory page

New Strobe Dragonfly LEDs are here

A shipment of strobe LEDs just arrived! I will be selling these special LEDs at a special introductory price of $2 each which is the lowest on the market. Additional discounts when you buy more.

If you haven’t heard, these are the LEDs that appear white when not moving and create multicolored trails when moved at high speed. That makes a great affect in your LED hoop or any other spinning moving device.

This LED has base colors of Red Green and Blue that produce 7 different colors. The color trails are linked with no gaps. See photo.

More LED info here

LED-RGB-Ribbon strobe

Maker Faire comes to the East Coast

Hey, If you havent heard, MakerFaire will be on the East Coast for the very first time this weekend in NYC.

There is so much to see I plan on being there both days so I can take my time browsing around.

Maker Faire New York

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