ProdMod LED Hula Hoop Instructions

Make your very own LED hoop for a lot less! And have the satisfaction of making something great.
LED Hoop made with the ProdMod LED Hula Hoop Kit








ProdMod LED Hoop Rechargeable Upgrade Kit Instructions

Add this battery and DC Jack to your 1 inch LED Hula Hoop and enjoy 6 hours of continuous illuminated hooping with only a 1 hour recharge time! That is really fast!

Rechargeable Battery packInsert battery and push tubes together


ProdMod LED Hoop AA Battery Upgrade Instructions

Add this circuit to your hoop and use a single AA battery to power you LEDs.  Good for hooping off the grid. Carry a few AA batteries with you and swap them out when needed.


ProdMod LED Camera Light Instructions

A simple way to shed light on video and photos using any camera with a tripod mount.




ProdMod NightVlogger 180 Instructions

Use this Flickr Photo Set to guide you through building this two brightness level Video Light Kit.

Also take a look at the Buy page for background info on the kit


  1. mark says:

    with the rechargeable system is it possible to use 2 batteries in line to get more leds and longer life out of the batteries. would the same charger be able to charge both batteries at the same time as long as there in line.

  2. Randy Patterson says:

    I agree with this question above. It would help with equal weight distribution aswell, unles there is a better idea i dont know of

  3. prodmod says:

    The charger on this site can only charge one battery at a time. You would either need 2 jacks each leading to one battery, or one Jack with a switch used to select which battery you want to charge.

    You can place the batteries in series to get 6v, you would then need to add a resistor to limit your current and prevent burning the LEDs. In general you do get more lit time with higher voltage, but as the battery dies out the lights just get dimmer and dimmer. This dimming of the lights is extended because you are starting up at 6v.

    You will get better life if you use 6v and a 3v voltage regulator.

    But if you are trying to add more than 21 LEDs just go ahead and use one 3v battery. I tested 42 LEDs and did not see a big change in current draw which means it should last about the same time

  4. buy csgo says:

    I delight in the knowledge on your web sites. Much thanks!.

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