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Zoom-O disc launcher replacement parts

zoom-o max launcher

Over the past few months a number of visitors have shown interest in replacement discs for various Zoom-O disc-launcher toys. Some discs were eaten by pets , others simply broke, and others got lost in the neighbor’s bushes. You want replacements, and you want them now!

Micro Mosquito RC flying helicopter (vs havoc heli) Part II


ok. So I got a 9Vdc 500mA power adapter that I can use to charge the mosquito through the charging station without using 6 C-cell batteries. Last night I flew it around out of the box and wasnt happy, so today I wanted to fully charge it and give it a second chance. I let …

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Micro Mosquito RC flying helicopter (vs havoc heli)


This particular RC helicopter is made by Interactive Toy Concepts and is available exclusively at Radio Shack. It costs about $70. Hmm sounds like a lot doesn’t it? Especially after I only spent about $30 on the Havoc Heli. I picked this up because it promised real “forward” flight thanks to the little propeller in …

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Zoom-O Ball Launcher by Blip Toys only $9.99

Zoom-O Ball in package

If you are the least bit interested in picking up a fun toy for yourself or a kid you know, give the Zoom-O ball a try. Literally go to Target and try it out. It’s a “Try me” toy you can play with off the shelf. I bet once you rev its engine and pull …

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