ProdMod NightVlogger 160 Kit

You can buy the parts kit or order a Custom Built NightVlogger:


ProdMod 160 Lumen Video Light Completed ProdMod 160 lumen video light

NightVlogger LED Video Light Parts Kit Contents

Battery holder with cover and switch – choose AAA or AA
3 position switch
180 lumen LED with base – NEW
Aluminum Heat Sink
Resistors to limit current to 350mA (you can also use your own configuration)
Thermal Tape ( you can use thermal epoxy if you have it)
White Frost Filter Gel
Warm White Filter Gel
Set screw and Coupling nut – to make the thumb screw

*** you can also mount this light to the cold shoe mount on top of your camcorder or SLR. Contact me for details.

Recommended Tools:

Carving Knife
Power Drill or Power Screwdriver with 3/16 to 1/4″ drill bits
Rotary tool
Duco Cement or Crazy Glue

Note on Battery life

The battery life is dependent on the capacity of the batteries you choose to use and the current setting you have selected. This product and resistor values have been chosen to work with NiMh rechargeable batteries. I Highly recommend using NiMh because they will hold their current output longer than alkaline. If you did use alkaline you would have to adjust your resistance to limit maximum current under the LED max rating, in this case 700mA, and you may lose power much sooner than with NiMh.

To estimate your battery life you need to know the current output of your brightness setting and the mAh rating of the battery. In my design the low setting is for 350mA and the high is for 700mA. Here is an example with 900mAh AAA NiMh.

Low setting battery life = 900mAh / 350mA = 2.57 hrs
High setting battery life = 900mAh/ 700mA =  1.28 hrs

You will achieve longer battery life if you select a higher capacity battery. They currently sell AAA NiMh with 1150mA. That would bring you up to 3.3 hrs and 1.6 hrs respectively.

You can also use AA batteries. Asuming AA NiMh has 2200mAh you will get: 2200mAh/350mA = 6.28 hrs and 2200mAh/700mA=3.14 hrs.

Assembly Instructions:

User this Flickr set as a guide to make the ProdMod Video Light

This kit includes thermal tape for you to attach the LED to the Heat sink. You will then need to use Duco Cement or Crazy Glue to hold the heat sink in position in the plastic case.

You will also need a resistor for both the low and high settings.

here is a vid of the insides of the old prototype

[youtube Jy6beIuW3Ng]

This should give you an idea of the light output to expect.

[youtube KulRHwwhcdI]

Here is what it looks like on your tripod

Ordering your Parts Kit - $35

The LED is upgraded to 180 lumens!

Order the latest kit on



Check out a video from Marvin – he was one the first bloggers to use my older generation 4LED video light and introduced me to the phrase Night Vlogger!

[youtube FfEqos7LZzw]

looks like he used it on this video as well – thanks Marvin!


  1. wildbottom says:

    Wonder if I can power the LED with just 1 AA battery(2500mAh). That would be sweet since I can using it on my compact digital camera.
    BTW, where did you get the Set Screw. I guess I check the hardware section at my local store.

  2. Adam says:

    Any idea if there are any IR leds that would be this bright (erm yeah bright)? I know i could just gel the LED, but i don’t want to worry about sealing up light leaks from the cooling holes. I want to use this as an auto focus assist light that won’t draw attention to me.

  3. prodmod says:

    You can easily make this an IR light, they make 1 Watt IR LEDs that have an ok output. Problem is, your camera is likely to have an IR filter that blocks IR light. If they didn’t, your camera would capture the IR light in the environment and it would mess with the color of you photograph.

    but its worth a try.

  4. prodmod says:

    @wildbottom – You can power it with one AA, you will need a DC-DC step up converter or a circuit like the AA module I sell for the hoops.

  5. Odajennys says:

    OMG just got it and assembled it. It’s perfect for my Olympus EP-1. I had such a hard time focusing at night because it does not have a focus assist light. Now I don’t even need a flash anymore! Thank you so much!

  6. prodmod says:

    Very glad to hear it. Did you buy the kit from

  7. Odajennys says:

    Yes I did! My led light little glass thing just fell off! How can I use the filters? The best way to install it? I don’t think I left enough room to insert it between the light and the box.

  8. prodmod says:

    You can tape the filter to the outside of the cssing if you need to.

    The lens of the led shouldn’t fall off. That can happen when the light over heats. Did you use the right resistors? One set is for alkaline batteries, the other set is for rechargeable batteries.

  9. Rob says:

    I went to your link for the vlogger at the there was only 1 comment from 1 person that purchased it, he said that the instructions provided ended before the project was complete and that he was confused as to how to proceed from the point the instructions ended, if this is true, has this been corrected or if I order the kit, will I also be stopped and stuck before completion of the kit.


    1. prodmod says:

      Hi rob, a few days after that comment posted i fixed the instructions. I then posted my own comment apologizing and noting the instructions were fixed. But somehow my comment was deleted, so now it just looks like i never fixed it. Please go ahead and build the kit. If you run into any problems i can help you personally

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