4LED Camera Light Kit


Prodmod LED Camera Light 4LED version front view

Testimonial : “I received your envelope and assembled the lights last night. It’s been about three years since I last soldered anything, so it wasn’t the neatest, trimmest job — but the final result looks good and they work!” – Darren – Photographer – OHIO

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with the switch on top the camera light and camera sit flat on a surface$9.99

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4LED Camera Light Kit

Contents of This Kit:

* 4xAAA battery holder with cover and switch
*4 x Superbright White 50deg angle LED
* 10 ohm resistor
see this article for more details on resistor selection.
**Screws are no longer offered in this kit, but you can buy the 1/4-20 x 3/4 inch hex bolt separately for 25 cents. click the screw image to add to your cart.
or pick them up at your local hardware store.
* You can also try the 1/4-20 Philips head 3/8″ short screw for a more compact built-in “hidden” screw stud look.

Camera light with built-in stud

Kit Description:

This kit is used to make an LED light that can be mounted directly to any camera with a 1/4-20 tripod mount. (standard on practically every camera). It is especially useful to help illuminate the photographed area during video recording or to assist in focusing in dimly lit areas.
Please note: The resistor that is included with this kit is chosen to be used with 3 NiMh rechargeable batteries. Using alkaline batteries will result in higher voltage and higher current which may reduce the life span of the LEDs. For alkaline batteries a resistor value between 16 and 26 ohms is more appropriate. Contact us for special order.

Skills Required:


Tools Required:

Power Drill, or powered screwdriver like this
5mm drill Bit for the LED holes
** Try a 3/16 bit first (more common) its about .010″ under 5mm.
A #9 bit seems to work as well.
A 13/64 can be used but the LEDs will be very loose and require gluing.

¼” Drill bit – for the mount screw
Soldering gun
Small flat head screwdriver (jewelers size works best) try these
Measuring device (calipers are recommended) like these

Complete Kit Instructions

Ordering information:

I am currently out of stock but you can buy this kit from my distributor makershed.com

Maker Shed


Check out the new accessory page to buy WARM WHITE LEDS and spare Cool White LEDs


When building an electronics kit, use common sense and appropriate safety precautions. This kit required soldering. Excessive heat from the soldering iron may damage LEDs.

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