Foldable Collapsible Flexible LED Hoop Tubing

[youtube EPhQawXw0Xk]

Use this Flexible tubing to create your own Foldable Collapsible LED Hoop.

The specified dimensions of this tubing is 0.814″x 1″ same as the standard
white tubing I use. And similar outside dimensions as the 3/4″ 160 PSI black
tubing you might find at a hardware store.

But this flexible tubing is more transparent than the standard white LED
hoop tubing, so the LEDs will shine brighter.

It is also more flexible than the standard 0.814″ x 1″ white LED tubing.
And a little more flexible than standard “3/4 160PSI” black hoop tubing.

Since the tubing is softer it automatically offers more grip, so you might
not even need to add tape. But if you do tape it be sure not to tape over
the seem at the connector.

Here are some good videos to show what it will look like when hooping.

Find more videos like this on Hoop City – Hooping Community

How to fold your Hoop

To fold after assembly, simply stand the hoop vertically so that the
connector is on top. Place each hand on either side of the connector and
twist. As you twist push the connector down to the floor until the hoop is
in a figure 8. Then grab the two loops and join. Use a velcro strap, string,
or even your charger’s wire to keep the two loops together. Throw over
your shoulder or place in the trunk of your car. The final collapsed size
will be about 1/2 of your hoop diameter. Do not store the hoop in this
collapsed position as it may warp or overstress the tube near the connector.

Special assembly considerations

It will accept both non-rechargeable and rechargeable batteries.

You can follow the standard hoop assembly instructions for non-rechargeable batteries.

But if using standard rechargeable battery in this new flexible hoop tubing
you will need to make some changes to the rechargeable battery
assembly instructions.

The standard rechargeable battery will be a very tight fit!! So you will want to
first insert the battery into the other end of the tube, and solder the battery
connections later! Use a blunt object like a sharpie marker to help gently push
the battery into the tube about 1.5″ deep which is just enough to give room for
the connector. See photo.

If using Flexible tubing - Push the battery 1.5″ into the tube with a blunt object before soldering

Once installed the battery will be very very difficult to remove unless you heat
the tubing. You should not have any reason to remove the battery any time soon
since it will last for over 500 recharge cycles, which is about 4-5 years of moderate use.

If you dont want to deal with this tight fit you can always use the smaller
rechargeable battery, or the AA module kit. Both are found on the
maker kit page and accessories page

Since you’ll fold the hoop in half when traveling, you will not need to file down the
connector but you should cut off the center nubs and protrusions of the plastic
connector so the tubing can twists easily.

After the battery is in place you can solder the connection to the rest of the wire
in the other end of the tubing where the LEDs and switch are.

Then follow the rest of the basic rechargeable battery instructions.


This tubing is available at the following suppliers

Available in 100 ft rolls at part number 58008.

Shorter lengths available at McMaster part number 5181K11.

The rest of the parts in your hoop are sold on this site in convenient Maker Kits
which include the power source, connector, switch, wire and LEDs.

To calculate how much tubing you need:

take the diameter of the hoop you would like to make

and multiply that by 3.14,

round up,

then divide by 12.

So 40 inches x 3.14 =  125.6 inches

126 inches /12 inches =  10.5 feet

Amanda of Hip Flick Hoops says:

Ccollapsible hoops are the BOMB at busy festivals like Shambhala!
Glad my LED hoop could fold small :)

Amanda says: collapsible hoops are the BOMB at busy festivals like Shambhala! Glad my LED hoop could fold small :)



2 pings

  1. Tina says:

    When you spin the hoop does the material keep the circle shape? I do not want it turning into an oval while hooping.

  2. prodmod says:

    it is more flexible than a standard adult hoop made from black 160 PSI 3/4 tubing. So I think it does turn into a bit of an oval shape when hooping, but its hard for me to notice it myself.
    If you are in the NYC area you can try it for yourself at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn Sunday between 12 and 7pm.

  3. hoopTdoo says:

    How much does this pipe weigh with LED’s in it?

    i like a heavy (2#) hoop

  4. prodmod says:

    The tubing alone is just about 1 lb. The rechargeable battery adds exactly 1.6 oz, and the wires and LEDs are 1.3 oz. So altogether you are at about 1 lbs 3 oz. But that’s not so bad for you because you can always add more weight. Especially if you want a more balanced hoop you can place two more dummy batteries equidistant from each other and add another 3 oz to bring you to 1 lb 6 oz.
    Then wrapping the wire in tape or bubble wrap to silence it will add some weight. And wrap a bunch of gaffers tape or electrical tape around the tube for traction or decoration and you are approaching your 2lbs.

  5. jen says:

    should i leave the joint untaped so it can twist and fold down. the first time i tried to collapse it, the joint was taped and the hoop kinked. i’m smitten with my new hoop, btw:)

  6. Valerie says:

    Is the flexible tubing closer to 1/2″, 3/4″, or 1″ 160 PSI black tubing?

  7. prodmod says:

    you definitely dont want to tape the joint. You can add the tape you want first then use a knife to cut the tape at the joint. then take another bit of black tape to cover the loose tape you just cut. one on the left, one on the right of the cut. but dont tape over cut you made at your joint.

  8. prodmod says:

    the flexible tubing shown here is similar in size to the 3/4″ black tubing found in Lowes. But it is softer

  9. Aria Littlhous says:

    I might like to buy the flexible tubing locally. Can you tell me exactly what it is? Latex? Polyprene? ???

  10. prodmod says:

    its low density polyethylene. I don’t think you’ll find it in a local store. But you can buy it online in rolls of 100 feet.

  11. Clairity says:

    Does this come with a special connector? Or do you just use a regular insert coupling like regular hoops?

  12. prodmod says:

    this page is just the tubing alone. you use a standard connector with it and it folds down normaly.

  13. heather says:

    does the size of the hoop matter when collapsing or can it be any size?

  14. prodmod says:

    Do you mean hoop diameter? I think it can be any size. Like 40 inch or 50 inch etc.

    If you mean tube thickness, the above tubing size (0.814 x 1 inch) is easier in my opinion to collapse than the thinner ones, mainly because the thinner tubes have smaller connectors.

  15. heather says:

    my hoop warped when i collapsed it and im having trouble getting back : ( any ideas?

  16. prodmod says:

    did it warp or did it kink sharply?
    If you leave it in the collapsed form for too long it could develop a “memory” of sorts. If it is slightly warped you can lying it flat on the ground and heating it with a blow dryer to soften the tubing. Then push it back into the circular shape or twist it if its warped that way. Even hold it in place for a minute or so as it cools. That should help.

    if you mean that you collapsed it, traveled with it for a few hours and now when you try to use it the shape is twisted, then all I usually have to do is twist it more in the opposite direction and it usually goes back to normal. Other people tell me the shape adjusts after you hoop with it for a while

  17. Kelly Hannah says:

    What type of tubing do you use for the rigid hoops? I like a large hoop (12-13 ft of hoop),and I find that the collapsible tubing becomes a little egg-shaped with higher speeds (like getting it from knees up to hips). I wonder how I would like a rigid hoop.

  18. prodmod says:

    Hi Kelly, You need to get natural HDPE tubing.
    Its on part number 58018. Its just not easy to fold in half so I would avoid it.

  19. Katina says:

    How does the hoop stay together and not pop open? If it pops open can it ruin your wires? What are some good methods for keeping the hoop together?

  20. prodmod says:

    the maker kit comes with a plastic connector. It has sharp teeth that grip the insides of the tubing. its a tight fit and you have to heat the tubing to push it over the connector. If you are making a rechargeable version you connect both ends of the tube that way since you never have to open it, and it shouldnt pop open when using it. If you need to make it so that you can replace the battery you can either heat one side of the tubing when you need to open it, or you can sand down the sharp teeth on one side of the connector. if you do that you have to use tape around the seam to keep it together.

  21. Amanda says:

    Is it just the tubing that allows the hoop to collapse or do you do something different with the connector? Does the connector require sanding in order to swivel?

  22. prodmod says:

    Amanda the connector does not require any sanding. Once the tube is heated, connector installed, and the tube cools down again, it hugs the connector tightly. But it still allows rotation to collapse.

  23. Morgan says:

    I am interested in purchasing the 10.5 ft of cut flexible tubing from you but every link just keeps sending me back here or page where i have to order a 100ft roll from the other website. Are 10.5 ft cuts still avaliable?

  24. Sara says:


    I have the same question as Morgan! If you don’t have any more of the pre-cut lengths – can you tell us what the Part # of the flexi-tubing is from usplastics? I have looked on the site but am not entirely sure which tubing it is :)

    Much thanks

  25. prodmod says:

    I don’t sell precut tubing anymore so I will remove the link that says “place your tube order here”.
    But if you did click that it takes you to the Maker Kit page
    where I explain that you can buy it from USplastics. The part number is there in the first paragraph. The flexible tubing is item number 58008.

  26. Sara says:

    Oops :) Sorry – I just got mixed up. Thanks much

  27. Aimee says:

    Would Item #58007 3/4″ OD x .075 be a lighter tubing, or would it be equivalent to the 160 psi tubing from Lowes? I’m interested in making my first led hoop, but due to its heavier weight and firm composition, I’ve found that the aforementioned black tubing tends to limit me somewhat when practicing new moves. So I thought, why not buy one bundle of black and one of transparent. I would prefer something about a third lighter, which would provide enough room for tape/lights/batteries or whatever I want to add. Thank you!

  28. prodmod says:

    The 58007 will be lighter because it is simply smaller than the 160PSI black tubing. But it will not fit the rechargeable battery I show in the video on this page.

    If you are an avid hooper and want to try new tricks, you might want to stick with a rigid tubing like 58018 (same size as 160PSI black tubing) or 58017, thinner but still rigid.

  29. Lizabeth says:

    Hey I was wondering if this tubing could also be effective to use for non collapsible hoops? I’d like to have the option of making some collapsible and some perminant. Do collapsing the led hoop no interfer with the wiring at all? Sorry for the silly questions.. This will be my first led hoop so I’m trying to do as much research as possible to avoid spending more money than is necessary. Thank you so much by the way you site has helped soooo much! Will be ordering LEDs very soon! :)

  30. Randy Patterson says:

    Just finished building my first LED foldable hoop with the dragonfly stobes and i must say it is pretty amazing, thanks for the good instructions

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  1. says:

    Re: Foldable collapsible rechargeable LED hoop – figure 8 style

    here is a link to a description and how you can order the tube

  2. says:

    Re: Foldable LED hoop – ProdMod

    material is now for sale if you want it pre-cut for you

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