Welcome to Prodmod!

This site’s purpose is to celebrate product creation and modification and help you make cool stuff!!

My main focus is to make fully functional products using common materials and simple tools for less than it costs you to buy it in a store. And sometimes the product you can make is not available in any store.

I also offer kits that include the parts you need to make a particular product.
Right now there are two main kits you can Buy on this site

LED Hula Hoop Kit

LED Camera Light Kit

Educational and Wholesale discounts are available.

Step by step instructions on how to Make the products are free on this site.

To see what other people have made with my kits or their own you should check out the Gallery.

In addition to kits you’ll also find articles about products I have purchased recently.I might comment on how well or how poorly they are made in a Product Review. Or I may just take it apart and show photos as a Dissection.

Additional blog categories include Design, Modify, and DIY.

If you are not inclined to create or modify a product yourself, feel free to ask for it to be made for you.

If you have a related product you would like to Sell you can contact me for more information.


I definitely do not know it all, so if you see something wrong on the site or can add a better explanation please go ahead and comment on that article, I will make changes accordingly. And I try to keep my DIY instructions as accurate and safe as possible but I am not responsible for damage caused to you or your products. Sometimes simply opening a product will void your warranty.


I and the other contributors to the site have worked hard to provide you with the best articles we can. We spend time, money and resources to share this knowledge. Feel free to read and use the articles, but please, do not copy the content. The articles and pictures in ProdMod.com are reserved to their makers, and copying the pictures/articles can cause them damage. If you find such infringement on the net, please contact me via the contact form, and let me know.

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