NEW LEDs with built in resistors RED, YELLOW, ORANGE

A number of you have asked why I didn’t carry Red, Yellow, or Orange LEDs.  The reason is because standard Red, Yellow, and Orange LEDs are designed to work with 2.2V and need a resistor if you use a 3v battery like the one we use for hula hoops. One of the main benefits to my LED hoop design is to avoid the need to attach resistors to your LED wire harness. Fewer parts results in easier assembly and a more reliable product.

But now I finally found LEDs with internal resistors specifically designed to work with 3V batteries. These are perfect for LED hula hoops or any LED project where your power source is 3V and you dont want to bother with resistors.


These can be combined with any LED on my site.

Buy them here


  1. Lee says:


    Do you have white LED’s with built in resistors?

    I’ve got a 100Meter flex cable and want to install 60 led’s directly on the cable.

    Kind Regards

    1. prodmod says:

      All LEDs on this site will work when powered with a 3v-4v power source. What voltage would you like to use? The white LEDs are rated for 3.6 to 4v but they still work when powered with 3v. Only the red orange and yellow need a resistor because they are normally rated for 2.2v and need protection from a 3v power source

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