ColorSync LED Hoop

Here is a sneek peak at my latest LED hoop. The LEDs are synchronized so they change colors at the same time. This was just a test model with 11 LEDs.

[youtube vQ9DQXx9gDw]

This is the base model feature. I have a few other cool features I plan to release on a later date.

This hoop isn’t for sale just yet. I’m running a few more tests.

Let me know what you think.


  1. rachel says:


    i’m a beginner at hooping, and i’ve been looking for this kind of hoop for a few months now. i was starting to think it didn’t exist. i hate how most color-changing LED hoops are unsynced… they just look too overwhelming to me.

    great job on this! :D i’m so excited, and will definitely buy if they go up for sale.

  2. Trepan8Yourself says:

    I want to make one!!!

  3. Clairity says:

    So, are you ready to share your method yet? This is awesome.

  4. dave says:

    been waiting like 9 months for this, hope your getting close to selling it. Looks awsome.

  5. Gavin Groce says:

    I did this and it was based off the project listed here… you can reprogram it too…


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