Super Bright 20 inch LED Mini Hoops!

I am preparing an order of 20 inch hoops for a children’s dance troop. It looks really bright with nineteen LED’s packed into this mini hoop. They could also be used as juggling rings.

Blue 20 Inch LED Hoop

20 Inch LED Hoop

as you can see in this video, these are definitely cool rings or mini hoops, but I am definitely not a juggler ;)

[youtube XXJDCRF3xKY]


  1. Shannon says:

    I would like to order a set of these from you but w/color changing lights. Please e-mail me a quote. I live in Ohio.

    Thank you!

  2. Kristin says:

    Will you be offering a kit for the minis? I already own your full sized LED hoop kit and just tried some cosmic hooper minis and fell in love. Unfortunately their price is way out of my budget and thought I could easily make those too. If you don’t have a kit, what would you suggest buying for the electronics parts to fit in a 3/4″ lighter tubing?
    Thanks, Kris

  3. prodmod says:

    all you need to make a mini is the disposable battery maker kit with a smaller connector. Email me directly at prodmod@prodmod.com and I’ll look around for the smaller connector in my stockpile.

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