Munny and the ProdMod LED Hoop accessory

Munny with prodmod LED hoop

I made an LED Hoop for my Munny Vinyl toy. The hoop fits right into his hand grip. I can make it in a variety of colors.

It is battery powered, but can also be plugged into a power adapter for endless light up hoop awesomeness!

It makes a great night light.

Here is what it looks like in a well lit room

 ProdMod LED hoop for Munny in the light

Don’t forget you can decorate your hoop with vinyl tape so it looks cool with the lights off too!

Maybe I should make more Vinyl Doll accessories. If anyone has ideas or requests just leave a comment below.

I would also like to make a hoop for the large 20-inch Munny. If you have one I can borrow let me know so I’d be happy to make a hoop for your Munny!

If you want to buy your own mini LED hoop for you Munny or for anything else just contact me for details. I can make it in a variety of colors like yellow, white, blue green or any combination. I can even use LEDs that change color automatically.



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  1. Nneka lyn says:

    do u sell these? do u kno where i can get sumthing like this? im looking for an adult-ish nightlight.

  2. prodmod says:

    i made two prototype hoops that are powered by a 3xAAA battery pack. The switch is on the battery pack. I can sell you the prototype and you can then buy your own Munny Doll for it. You’ll need the 7 inch version. If you dont know where to buy they I can include it for you.

    If you dont like the battery pack I can arrange for it to be plugged into the wall. Let me know what you prefer by contacting me by email.

  3. hoopgurl says:

    Do you still make these? If not, can you tell me what materials you used so I can make my own? Thanks for your help!

  1. tribe.net: prodmod.com says:

    Tiny LED hoop for my Munny Vinyl Doll

    I made a tiny LED hoop for my Munny Vinyl Doll. I think it looks pretty cool …

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