Photo samples of NightVlogger on Munny

 Zoomed in shot of Munny’s head illuminated from the side using the ProdMod camera light mounted on a tripod


I took some photos on the Munny doll since it is all white and could serve as a good test subject. The light source in these photos is all from the NightVlogger 160. In these photos I position the light off camera using a second tripod.

You can place the ProdMod light on a second tripod for side lighting or back lighting or anything you want.

NightVlogger on the TripodTripod mounted

Side Lighting using the Prodmod Camera Light

The ProdMod camera lights are very small and wireless so you can position them  anywhere around your subject or hold them in your hand.

Positiong the ProdMod camera light anywhere around your subject  - its wireless

Or set them on the floor. Imaging having two or three of these placed around your subject to fill in or add effect.

you can even place it on the floor

I also took some controlled photos to compare with the flash of my camera. I used a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX2. The photos were taken with manual setting of 2.8f and 1/2.5 seconds. Now the light is mounted between the camera and the tripod like this:

NightVlogger mounted between camera and tripod

This photo’s light source is only the ProdMod NightVlogger on the low 100 lumen setting.

Photo of Munny using the ProdMod NightVlogger on low 100 lumen setting

In this photo I use the NightVlogger at full power of 160 lumen.

ProdMod NightVlogger on high 160 lumen setting - taken with Lumix DMC-LX2 2.8f 1/2.5sec

This is my control photo using the built-in camera flash.

ProdMod COntrol photo of Munny using built in flash 2.8f 1/2.5sec

Remember the ProdMod Light is battery powered so you can put it anywhere and never worry about wires.

The batteries will last 2.5 hours on the low setting and 1.3 hours on the high setting depending on your battery capacity.

DIY Parts Kit or Custom Assembly

You can buy the parts kit from this site and make your own. Or you can order a NightVlogger custom built just for you.
Click here for more details

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