ProdMod NightVlogger 160 Demo Video and Parts Kit

I made a video to show you what the ProdMod NightVlogger 160 can do in a completely dark room in an interview-like situation. You know like when you spot a celebrity in a dark club in NYC and manage to get your camera out to record a few clips except this time you wont end up with dark blurry images becuse you have your high powered, yet easily concealed NightVlogger 160 video light!

In this demo video I am not a celebrity but I am in a completely dark room. The light is attached to my new Flip Mino camcorder held at arms length away from my face.

ProdMod 160 lumen Video LightBut you can attach it to any camera or camcorder or even a tripod for more professional looking steady recording.

It projects a roughly 100 degree wide beam of light so you wont see a spotlight effect or dark circles around your subjects and hot spots are limited. With a few nuts and bolts you can mount this to your tripod for macro photography too.

[youtube KulRHwwhcdI]

Here is a quick look at the insides.

[youtube Jy6beIuW3Ng]

YOU can make this yourself! In fact I think its easier to make than my original 4LED ProdMod Camera Light because I managed to get parts that are small enough to fit into the battery holder. So you do NOT have to cut up a heat sink or the LED base. This saves you a tremendous amount of time and labor. You will need Duco Cement or Super Glue to fix it in place.

You can also use a set screw and coupling nut to mount it to both your camera and tripod at the same time.

So I am putting all the pieces in a parts kit and selling it for $35. This is a promotional offer and supplies are limited.


Order the NightVlogger Parts Kit here

Custom Built Orders also available

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