NY International Gift Fair Selections

Just got back from the NY international Gift Fair at the Jacob Javitz Center as well as Pier 92 and 94 in NYC. There was only a few sections openned today including Handmade, Studio and At Home. Here are a few products that caught my attention.

SETGO Gear Shoulder TransportAs I passed the SETGO booth the cool style bags and wallets reminded me of Tumi, a favorite designer of mine. This company was started by a young man in NYC and the products are tailored to an urban consumer. The coolest product is a shoulder Transport that has a place for your phone, ipod, metrocard, and a larger compartment for a book or a magazine. They have already been reviewed by Thrillist, Josh Spear, and hauteconcept so they probably dont need my help. But I do like what they are doing with their stuff. I want to try that shoulder strap for myself.


LOJO Ball - inflatable ottoman that unzips into a chairAnother cool product was an inflatable seat slash ottoman called lojoball from LOJO. I liked it because it was unique and when you sit down it feels very firm and sturdy. At first I didn’t know it was inflatable but that is what makes it feel so much better than a bean bag, it really supports your body. They said it took a lot of prototypes to figure out the best combination of materials to get it right.


When I first saw this next product I thought it was a simple gimmick toy, but it was explained to me that this makes using cellphones and VOIP a bit easier for some people. It is an old fashioned looking headset that plugs into your phone or computer. It is called YUBZ. I think the best part is that you can choose from a variety of colors and patterns that were designed by artists from around the world. You can buy an adapter for the phone you have to ensure a proper fit. They even have bluetooth. I think this is a company to keep an eye on. Something tells me there are more products to come.


Here is an artistic lamp worth noting. I always like the idea of putting light behind a cool artistic design. This designer from France takes her art and places it on a variety of objects. joannagregores





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