1W ProdMod Camera Light with Tripod Mount and Bracket

I made some improvements to my ProdMod Camera Light a while back but never got around to writing about it. Mainly I added a 1W LED in place of the 4 standard LEDs. And I added nut coupling which allows me to use the light with a camera and tripod simultaneously, as well as use a bracket to place the light off to the side. Here are some photos to give you a taste. If you want more assembly info just leave a comment below.

1W LED Camera Light with Tripod Mount

A picture taken with the 1W ProdMod Camera Light

Image taken with 1W LED Camera Llight

The bracket below lets you move the light source over to one side

The picture below shows the effect of side lighting

Here is a video of the 1W LED Camera Light in a bathroom.
You’ll notice it fills more of the screen with light than the original 4LED Camera Light.

ProdMod 1W LED Camera Light – Bathroom from ProdMod on Vimeo.

here is a video of the standard 4LED Camera Light for comparison.

ProdMod 4LED Camera Light – Bathroom from ProdMod on Vimeo.


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  1. Red says:

    More assembly info please. Will kit at makershed be updated to a single 1W LED?

  2. prodmod says:

    Hi Red, LED technology changes so fast so I am working on yet another 1W LED version. This might even be simpler to assemble. Sorry i cant seem to find the time to write down instructions, maybe I will just show more detailed photos of the insides?
    I wont upgrade the Makershed product unless I felt it was a straightforward assembly of parts. But when its ready you will see it here first.
    Have you made the 4LED version yet? Tell us what you want to use the light for…

  3. Red says:

    Read a review of the camerabright product which complained about the angle of the light. I suppose if there was a way put your device on some sort of swivel in order get the light closer to where you wanted it… something like your angle bracket, but using an inexpensive ball head.

  4. Jeremy says:

    The swivel would be cool, but it you get 50 deg LEDs you really don’t need a swivel because they will illuminate everything in the frame. I’ve been using four 5mm 50 deg warm white LEDs with my RCA Small Wonder and I have had no problems and the distance from the lense to the bottom of the camcorder is almost 3.5 inches.

    I am curious about the 1 W LEDs. Drilling 3 less holes would be fantastic. Please also let us know where to buy the 1 W LEDs. Can’t find them and hate digging through pages and pages of google. ProdMod rules.

  5. prodmod says:

    jeremy, new posts about my 1W camera light have the info you need and kits are available too

  6. suba suba says:

    Merely wanna state that this is very helpful , Thanks for taking your time to write this.

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