Mini LED Hula Hoop – The Finger Hoop!

I have been wanting to make a mini version of my LED hula hoop for a while now. I imagined it being really cute and tiny. Something you can take with you anywhere and twirl on your finger. Well I just got my thin tubing tonight and quickly hacked up a mini-hoop. It was cute, but kind of bland. So I stuck an LED with tiny batteries in the hoop and gave it a spin. The effect was mesmerizing…

LED Finger Hoop

the video is even cooler…

[youtube cPsXkPQWgyg]

LED Finger Hoop 2I hate to say it, but this little thing is cooler than my full size hoop. I can’t put it down. The spiral light trail puts me into a trance as it flows to the outer edge of the hoop and back down to the center around my finger. So what do I call it? Is it a mini-hoop? or more like a finger-hoop?

what do you think?

What should I call my miniature LED hula hoop?
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  1. -=ali* says:

    So it IS SO FUN, and mezmerizing, and beautiful*** and it IS a Fingerhoop!! No doubt about it, check it out there is even a group on TRIBE dedicated to the fine art of Finger Hooping called Finger Hoop Nation.

    But dont take my word for it*


  2. BeckyParty says:

    Call it an LED finger hoop!

  3. jill says:

    whoa! awesome!

    what is the diameter?

  4. prodmod says:

    oh yeah forgot the specs.
    The diameter is about 11 inches. Next time I’d probably go for an even 10 or 12. But I made this in like 20 minutes.
    the thickness is only 1/2 inch.
    now I gotta find a good source for tiny batteries and a way to get more than one LED down there, maybe only two, each at opposite ends.
    then gotta add a switch.
    I might release a kit of parts for others to make, or maybe I’ll just make them myself?

  5. mama cass says:

    is there a difference in the lights of this vs the hoop lights? it is adorable, fun and mesmerizing, almost like the moth to the light effect… but for people :)

  6. prodmod says:

    Same type of LED, this in particular was Aqua Green color. The only difference is that there is just one light instead of 12 or 21 etc. The tubing is obviously a lot thinner. And the hoop sticks to my finger pretty well so it makes the LED follow a true spiral pattern.

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