How to make your LED Hoop Rechargeable

recharging the LED hoopI finished writing instructions that show how you can use the Rechargeable Upgrade Kit to make your LED hoop rechargeable. Now you can enjoy 6 hours of lit hoop time and charge it in only about 1 hour.

The instructions were written to show a way to add the DC power Jack without having it interfere with anything, and to keep the modification of your hoop down to a minimum. The end result is the DC jack is recessing into the inner diameter surface of your hoop. This is a clean look. You can barely see the jack and wont be able to tell the difference from your old hoop.

It does involve soldering, and gluing.

There might be easier ways to add a DC jack to the hoop, it’s likely not look as pretty.

Please review the instructions and give me some feedback. If you think this looks way to hard let me know and I will find alternative methods. You can leave comments on the instruction page as well.

I encourage you to give this upgrade a try. The kit is available for $39.99.

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