I attended this show last weekend and was able to witness a variety of great designers, some established, and some right out of Pratt Institute. Here are some of my favorites from the show…

First we have Kenzan Tsutakawa-Chinn with Studio1Thousand. If you have peeked at my other articles you might gather that I love my LEDs. And this guy is all about it. The first is a beautiful bouquet of light points with Constellation.

Studio1Thousand and Constellation

and next with I like how he is combining thin strips of wood with small surface mount LEDs to create an ambient light sculpture with Bale. Check out the inside views. Tunnel of light.

Bale by Kenzan Tsutakawa-Chinn of Studio1Thousand

Kenzan has just graduated from Pratt and I think this designer has a bright future. I cant wait to see what he comes up with next.

Joey Roth and the Sorapot.

If you are in the NYC area and into design you should probably know him by now, and if you don’t you should send him an email and say hi. He is one hard working independent designer. He gets big props for designing, marketing, and selling his Sorapot product independently and as far as I can tell.. successfully, imagine that! To accomplish this feat he took many trips to China where he discussed the design, scoped out the manufacturing process, and oversaw production to make sure his first new-born came out just right. He even finished it off with tasteful packaging made of recycled egg cartons, but you can barely tell. Makes a great gift. The Sorapot gives tea brewing a new look and feel. His site speaks for him better than I can so if you like tea and dig his design give him a try.

Tina – Laidbackhome

I met Tina for the first time at an Apartment Therapy NY Design Meetup just as she started to produce and market her designer pillows. Only one month later she had a dozen samples to show off at the next meeting. And the month following that she had stocked Musiq Soulchild’s studio with her pop culture and hip hop inspired home decor products. Not bad for a girl from the boogie down Bronx. Of course I gotta reprazent a designer from my home town – born and raised. But regardless, her designer pillows are pretty fly. I especially like the guitar dude and the pink butterflies. Tina designs all her graphics herself and pillow sewing is done in Brooklyn.


The first thing that caught my eye here was the microphone lamps. How cool.. why haven’t I seen that before? It’s perfect for music venues or a restaurant or a studio. OK so it’s not an LEDs, but I’ll let it go because I think the bulbs used offer a subtle glow that is called for in a piece like this. It’s called SOLO pendant light.

My other favorite is called A-light. Its a small bed side lamp but its shade is made of photos the designer had taken of the ny area. I especially like the graffiti ones.

I asked her if she can make a custom lampshade if a send her a photo. She said its no problem since she has invested in her own printer and only charges a few bucks more. Sweet. After the show I spotted her lamps in a few design shops in the area. Seems she is doing well.

There are sooo many more worthy designers. Check out the list on BRKLYN Designs.


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