ProdMod at the Maker Faire – May 2008

I was at the Maker Faire May 3-4 2008 to support two of my kits that are currently sold through Make Magazine’s website. The LED Camera Light and the LED Hula Hoop. I would say the LED Hula Hoop was the big hit and we got plenty of attention just after we finished our workshop. There were about 5 hoops being built and 3 ducked out early to finish it at home. The remaining 2 finished it at the workshop and couldn’t wait to try it out. Total build time was only 2 hours.

Here are some picks on my Flickr account


and here is a short clip of my demonstration I gave on the Make Magazine Stage courtesy of Brian Jepson from Make Magazine.

Christine Gugler from theinfinitehoop.com was nice enough to post her videos from the maker faire.

here are a few

[youtube V3rCaf286FQ]

[youtube zdnlO6CuV1g]

And some great vids in the dark room

[youtube m6WWYb4oxYo]

[youtube QmvCFQJa0jA]

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