ProdMod LED Hula Hoop Workshop a Success!

ProdMod LED Hula Hoop Workshop 4-16-8Sorry for such a late post but you’ll hear all the reasons why I was so busy in the coming posts.

The ProdMod LED Hula Hoop Workshop was held on April 16 at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn. There were 7 people in this class and each person left with a working LED Hula Hoop. In fact we could say it was a solder-less LED Hula Hoop Workshop since every hoop was completed without ever using a soldering iron.

In total it took about 4 hours, but it mostly had to do with these factors- we shared a scarce amount of tools, we didn’t have a projector as promised, only had a few printed instructions, and it seems like no one stopped to get anything to eat after a long days work. So we were all exhausted by the end but also super thrilled to finally finish our amazing hoops. It was great to see each person’s face light up as they closed their hoop and flipped the switch to see their project come alive. It made all that effort worth the while. As each person finished they skipped over to the next room with the lights out to give it a spin. Photos will be shown below and in the gallery.

ProdMod LED Hula Hoop Workshop 235One of the students wrapped their wire in a thin layer of bubble wrap to make it super quiet and it worked really well.
Each of the hoops were made without soldering. Everyone opted to simply twist the LED legs onto the wires, and the wires onto the switch and batteries as it is described in my instructions. We finished up connections with some white electrical tape and it was good to go.

We also learned that using a rotary tool to cut the switch hole is the preferred way to do it.

I was really happy to help everyone make these hoops and was really satisfied to see everyone smiling at the end.

Here are a few testimonials from the group in this workshop. If you are interested in attending the next workshop please contact me and express your interest.


I just wanted to say again thank you so much for the hoop workshop. You were an EXCELLENT teacher! I feel so empowered by finally knowing how to work with LEDs. I think the fact that I messed up at first actually deepened my knowledge… = jill

Hey Mike, Well thank you! You worked hard to give everyone one-on-one advice, and that was really appreciated. It was a lot of fun, and great to learn some new things for both LED and hoop making! I do agree about the projector – that would have made things easier, especially for you. It would have saved you repeating each step personally for everyone, and probably sped things along. I know that was your original plan, so… next time! …. Well anyway, I must repeat that it was a great class. You know your stuff, and I learned a lot. Thanks again! – Devyn

Hi Mike, Thank you for teaching this workshop. I would have been a little intimidated to try bulding the kit on my own. It was great to have some personal instruction. And the kit was actually much easier to put together than I thought it would be. I did get my hoop taped up before I left….I love my new light-up hoop! It is really beautiful and I can’t wait to show it off. Thanks again! -Becky

Hi Mike~ I love love love my new hoop** Thanks again for a great workshop. Have an awesome day** Cheers -=ali*

ProdMod LED Hula Hoop Workshop 026

ProdMod LED Hula Hoop Workshop 094

ProdMod LED Hula Hoop Workshop 296

ProdMod LED Hula Hoop Workshop 297

you should be able to see the full set at the photographers google photo page


I’ll try to add more soon

Jill and her hoop

Jill and her LED Hoop


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  1. -=ali* says:

    This workshop was so educational and informational. It was very helpful to have someone walk me through the intructions and have all the tools available to make a legitimate and beautiful LED hoop. I can’t wait to make more and show all my friends how to make them too.

    Keep us posted if you have anymore workshops because I know a lot of people that would love to come.

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