Free ProdMod LED Camera Light Workshop in Brooklyn!

3rd ward iconHave you already purchased this kit and never got around to finish it? Well now there is no excuse. Bring it with you to 3rd Ward in Brooklyn on April 24th and finish it off with my help – if you need it. Or come to show off your product to the rest of us. Perhaps you can be a nice prodmodder and give back by helping others with their kits. Not all of us know what a soldering iron is ;)

I will be instructing an informal workshop for the ProdMod LED Camera Light at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn, NY on April 24th. The class is free and everyone is welcome, but you’ll have to bring your own parts or purchase a kit of parts. For this special workshop I am offering the kit for sale without shipping so you can just pick it up at class time. You can go ahead and buy it using this link. Otherwise you can order it normally and have it shipped to you. Refer to the link on the right column of the site.

But to join the class you will have to sign up through 3rd Ward’s website. Their information and further details about the class can be found here towards the bottom of the page.

You might even use this time to explore new modifications to your Camera Light and get ideas from others.

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