Mod the ProdMod LED Camera Light

safoocat’s modded ProdMod LED Camera Light 

Here is a great example of taking a kit that’s offered on this site and modding it to meet your needs. Michelle adapted the ProdMod Camera Light to fit her camera by placing the screw in the middle of two pairs of LEDs. She also keeps a nut inside to guide and hold the screw in place.

Check out her pics on Flickr to see how she wired it.

 From Michelle:

built the kit over the weekend.
Here is a picture of it:
there is an additional picture before it and after it in the stream.

A couple of differences were I put the mount in the middle
and instead of using a bolt I put a nut inside the box and just put a bolt through it.
I didn’t measure anything so it’s not perfect like yours but I love it.

The great thing, it makes a super reading light in bed, just set it on the ledge behind the pillow and it lights up the book.
thanks again,


I would like to see more of this from anyone out there. I would be happy to post photos of your ProdMod LED lights, either modded or not. Feel free to change or add to it to suit your needs.

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