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I just want to show everyone that a 4LED camera light is possible using the same 4xAAA battery holder that comes in the DIY kit. So I am including the 4th LED in the kit and removing the screws since they are probably easy for you to find at your local hardware store. If you still need them you can add them to your cart.

with the switch on top the camera light and camera sit flat on a surfaceIf you don’t what what you are looking at, you can read the original DIY here, and watch a demo video to get an idea of what this light can do for your camera.

You can still use the 10 ohm resistor which will limit your current per LED to about 20mA. You can go higher by using a 8 ohm resistor giving you about 28mA to start, but I don’t have any of those on hand. I think 20mA x 4 LEDs will give more light and wider coverage than the 3LED version.

To accomplish the 4LED you just need to plan ahead and make some room.

You have to keep your mount screw all the way to one side and space the LEDs a bit closer to each other.

I thought a diagram and a few dimensions would help.

I used the 1/4-20 Philips head 3/8″ long screw. Its head diameter is 12mm. So I measured 6mm from the edge and drilled a hole for the screw.

This still works if you use a longer screw that passes through the entire battery holder. In fact you’ll have even more room since the screw is only 1/4″ diameter.

They I started from the other end picking a starting point for the number one LED. And the remaining LEDs were equally spaced up to the screw head. That came out to about 8 or 9mm spacing. Sorry for the metric measurements. 8-9mm is .354″ (almost 3/8″). And 6mm is 0.236″ (a little less than 1/4″).

Prodmod Camera Light 4-LED version diagram

4 LED holes in the battery holder

See Also:

New Wiring and Screw Location – if your camera has a tripod mount in the middle or on the right side you can try this.

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  1. Jacob says:

    Dear Sir
    Can i have the length of tripod head thread?Our product Nut Hole depth 6.8mm. how to fit it?


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