Wine Bottle Thermometer – for the wine snob in you – or your friend

Most people don’t know or care what temperature wine should be when drinking, but I have a friend who is way into wine, he even has a little temperature controlled fridge for them, so I am sure he wouldn’t mind double checking the temperature again before he is ready to serve.

I like its simple design. It simply wraps around the bottle and gives you a temperature reading. I thought its C-shape would allow it to adjust in size but the ad only mentions 750mL bottles, which are most common anyway. It’s $29.95.

I think red is around 60F, but what about white or champagne? It is probably in the manual but no one reads those things. It should at least be written on the band somewhere like the one at Kickerland makes. You can buy the Kickerland version through amazon.com. It is not digital and is a bit bigger but its only $9.99!!

In any case, what if it’s not the right temperature? I don’t want to sit there and wait for it to cool down or warm up.

Can’t they add a little logic chip and a piezo buzzer so it could ring when the temperature is just right?
What if it could sense the color of the wine?

ok. Stop dreaming. Or go make one yourself.

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