Kaboost – Chair Booster replaces the Phone Book

My rule is – if it folds buy it. I just like things that can collapse and take less space. This looks like a good idea. I don’t have kids but I guess its nice not to have a separate high chair around for a toddler. What did we ever do before Kaboost? Oh yeah, big yellow phone books. Do they print those anymore? I can’t remember the last time I had one.

You can also take this with you when you travel to people’s houses who don’t have high chairs or phone books. Amazon has them in chocolate color and it’s on sale, I guess it’s not as popular as lime green.

If I ever buy one it would be really hard to resist the urge to throw it like a boomerang and see if it opens mid flight. Not in front of kids, or at kids, of course. Maybe I’d put some caster wheels under the feet and wheel my kid around the room. This is ProdMod after all.

Aha! How about Radio Controlled Motorized Wheeled Kaboost High Chair! My kids would love that!

Did you realize its called the Kaboost Chair Booster? Have you said it out loud yet?



Ka – boo.

sounds catchy. I want one.

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