Modified Zoom-O Catch and Fire Ball Launcher Shoots 240 rounds per minute

Ever since getting the old ball launcher I have wanted one that could shoot multiple rounds rapid fire style. The catch and fire came out recently but it was a single shooter. After some inspection I had some ideas of how to mod the gun to get a more semi-automatic action out of it.

First I took off that big catcher since I have no intention of catching anything. And as you can see it starts to look more like a paint ball gun.
modified zoom-o catch and fire ball launcher - profile (click to enlarge)

Then I opened up the case to see what’s inside. I have some pictures and video of the trigger mechanism, but for now that’s not important.

The parts I were focused on were these two little pincer holder things. They keep the ball from touching the spinning wheel until your trigger pushes a plunger into the ball.

They are also the easiest to remove.

I first removed only one of them, but it did nothing. Then I removed them both and found that I can easily get rapid fire to work. The only down side is that its not easy or intuitive to control when the firing starts or stops. Right now, without further modification, I would have to pull the trigger half way to block the firing chamber while I rev up the spinning wheel. Then I would either release the trigger to fire, which feels weird, or pull the trigger fully until the plunger clears out of the way. The latter results in you shooting a blank first before the rapid fire starts. Then you have to remember to pull the trigger half way again to have it stop.

Here is a video.

[youtube yFWE7bSe3s4]

I have some ideas on how to control the firing a bit better. But in any case, it shoots 4-5 balls so fast you probably don’t need to stop because you’ll empty your chamber in no time. Luckily there are two chambers of ammo, so maybe that can be used to its advantage.

As for the 240 rounds per minute. Well it shot 4 balls in about 1 second. You be the judge using the video above. Whether its 4 balls in one second or in two seconds its fast enough.

Now all we need is a backpack to hold 100 balls fed into the gun through a tube… hmm just might work.

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