Glowing LED Green Lantern Ring

I found a pretty cool instructable today on how to make a Green-lantern like glowing ring using resin and an LED.

One of the first things the creator Honus mentions is that he can not sell the item.

I would guess its because its a copyrighted symbol of the comic book owned by DC comics.

But if it was just a ring that glows a particular color, it should be ok to sell, right?

So here are some questions for all of you.

  1. Do you think a light up ring is a cool idea?
    (Not cheesy blinky ones from china like these. I am talking about simple shapes and colors, probably not even blinking.)
  2. If the ring did not have a copyrighted symbol of some well known character would you still consider buying it?
  3. Do you have any ideas for a customized design for this ring that is not copyrighted?
  4. How much would you spend for a customized ring with a design of your choice?
  5. How much would you spend for a simple ring that lights up with a simple color and design?
    (for example, no protruding shape it just lights up, or a simply rounded top that lights up, or square

You can leave answers in the comments sections.


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