Zoom-O disc launcher replacement parts

zoom-o max launcher

Over the past few months a number of visitors have shown interest in
replacement discs for various Zoom-O disc-launcher toys.
Some discs were eaten by pets , others simply broke, and others got lost in the neighbor’s bushes.

You want replacements, and you want them now!

UPDATE 9-20-2007:

Replacement discs are now available directly from Blip Toys! See article here

The remainder of this article is a simple market investigation:

Get Started

There are two things I need from you, name your quantity and name you price. Please Answer below.

hand held disc launcher

How many hand held launcher discs are you interested in?
View Results
How much (US$) would you pay for each handheld launcher disc?
View Results


zoom-o max launcher

How many sets of floor launcher discs would you buy? (small, medium, large in one set)
How much (US$) would you pay for one set of floor launcher discs?

What’s Next?

If you were kind enough to answer the questions above, I will take that information to a manufacturer willing to make these spare parts for us.

If there are enough people willing to buy something, there should be someone willing to make/sell it.

Stay tuned. (see link above or click here for replacement parts direct from Blip Toys)


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2 pings

  1. Rachael Ayre says:

    Thank you for your work on this! If anything works out, will you email me to let me know?

    Rachael Ayre

  2. Stacie Ivory says:

    Thanks for your help. Please let me know what happens.

  3. samantha taylor says:

    we are very interested in replacement parts for our zoom-o max launcher. I was about to throw it away today and thought I would see what I could find. Thanks!

    Samantha Taylor

  4. prodmod says:

    Replacement discs are available directly from Blip Toys. See article here

  5. Sharron Tripp says:

    I would love to have about 100 of the discs because my grandson lost them in a few hours.

  6. Helah Leboeuf says:


  7. adasdahh says:

    fren us ojcvc https://whoislookupdb.com/whois-domain.com o

  8. nikolarichter.de says:

    Curtis RaulVonDouss

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