Micro Mosquito RC flying helicopter (vs havoc heli)

This particular RC helicopter is made by Interactive Toy Concepts and is available exclusively at Radio Shack. It costs about $70. Hmm sounds like a lot doesn’t it? Especially after I only spent about $30 on the Havoc Heli. I picked this up because it promised real “forward” flight thanks to the little propeller in the back. Its a dual main rotor design which means each rotor turns the opposite direction to concel out each other’s rotation. This allows you to hover steadily without the helicopter spinning around or moving too much. It is also RC and 3-channel, so I thought that was a plus. It also has three small motors. So if it really sucks maybe i can use the parts.?

The first thing I notice is that the controller requires a 9V battery, Yuk. And it comes with a charging station that requires 6 C cell batteries. What? 6 cells? Why on earth is this a good idea? There is no way i am going to buy 6 C cell batteries for this thing. I guess the idea is the charger is portable, but you cant take these things outside anyway so I think its dumb. It does NOT come with an AC charger. At least not the one from radio shack. There is a similar one that sells with a simple AC charger and no charging base here.

Luckily the dumb charging base has a jack to accept a 7.5V 450mA adapter. I will find one and charge it later.

p1050773-sm.jpgSo when I opened up my box I flew the helicopter using whatever juice was left in it from the factory. It has a convenient trim knob on the remote to help stop the spinning. I push forward on the right stick to move forward and it starts to spin while it moves forward. It also starts to drop like its losing power. I guess it might not be fully charged. In any case the forward motion is not fluid. It kind of oscillates just like the Havoc Heli does when you put weight on the nose. The more you try to move forward the more unstable it gets and you can see the rotors tilting wildly. This was a disappointment because the only downside I ever saw to the Havoc Heli was that you don’t have any specific forward/reverse control. This mosquito does but it didn’t seem to work very well.

Another thing I don’t like is it seems to be more flimsy than the havoc heli. When you crash the mosquito, and you will, the rotors get all out of whack and you have to re-align them to the gears of the motor before taking off again. This isn’t just something I figured out, its actually in the manual. it instructs you as to how to fix it when it crashes. I remember crashing the havoc heli hundreds of times and never had to adjust anything.

I will try to charge the batteries and try again, but right now its a bit disappointing. Especially the $70 price tag. The havoc heli was only $30, even though you cant directly control its direction it seemed to fly better than this mosquito. What I can get out of it right now are some good parts like

three micro motors
3 ch transmitter
3ch reciever
main rotor
3 tail propellers
Li-Poly battery.

But lets charge it up to be fair. Stay tuned.

In the meantime check out the close up pics and some video to hear how it sounds. Oh yeah, most places market these toys as “whisper quiet”. Are they nuts? nothing is “whisper quiet” these things use not one but 3 brush motors. I will say its a bit quieter than the Havoc Heli but it still screams.

Here is a good shot of the gears and also the main rotor connections. The main rotors are sitting on pivot points, a bit like universal joints. This allows them to tilt freely and independently as the helicopter moves in the air. However they are still tied to each other with a flexible rind on their outer edges. This keeps them from being too loose.


Another view of the rotors:


here is an ugly shot of the micro motor for the tail.

p1050760-sm.jpg click thumbnail for larger view

Here is an overall view


Hey, I just took a quick look at the Interactive Toy website, makers of the micro mosquito and they have a FAQ that explains how it works and shows you the insides. I guess I don’t have to do it myself. Are they taking my job? :(

oh well, you can see it all here

it has photos but the links are broken. so I found the original article here

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Replacement Parts


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  1. evan perakes says:

    I think that “thing” was the gayest looking thing ever

  2. James says:

    It goes backwards better than forwards, Not to happy with it yet. When i got the m.m. The battery in the masquito wouldnt hold a charge. Would charge for 3 minutes and only fly to the celing once, then only hover 2 inches off the ground. Got a new battery on the way, if that dont work im going to fly it into the trashcan.

  3. mark says:

    POS this thing broke off the hole rear motor 1st flight. i have never felt as ripped off than i do now. i’ll never shop radio shack again….

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