Take It Apart Please!

If there is any product that I have yet to cover whether it’s a gadget, a toy, or a mechanism, just ask and I’ll try to dissect it for you.I’ll give a quick review of the product performance, take it apart, take photos and comment on how it was designed and manufactured. I’ll identify any parts that can be useful for other projects.

Just leave a request in the comments section of this post, be as specific or as broad as you want to be.

It’s simple. Give it a shot and test me out.


  1. prodmod says:

    This is an example of a “TIAP” request.

    I want to see what a digital voice recorder looks like taken apart.
    I want to see its pieces and get an idea of what does what. Preferably a digital voice recorder that was made in the past 5 yrs or so, slim compact etc.

  2. prodmod test says:

    A second example.

    Product: Toy Slide Projector

    What parts are needed to make a projector work? How are the cheap toy projectors designed.
    Show me what’s inside em.

  3. Harry says:

    Can you please disect the swimman waterproof ipod shuffle 2G and take photos. I am curious to know how they internalilze the waterproofing.

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