Picco Z Silverlit (Airhogs Havoc Heli) Toy helicopter

Picked up my Picco Z helicopter today from Target for only $29.99. Its really fun to fly and works pretty well. Actually its an Air Hogs Havoc Heli. And the original helicopter is called Picoo Z by Silverlit. Many names out there, but these are both from the same manufacturer.

It takes some getting used to but after a few or 20 crashes you get the hang of it. The best part is its so light it will almost never break froma crash. I think over time if you crash it enough the body parts might twist a bit and give you a different flight feel, but I think its manageable.

As for the technology behind it: I think the coolest thing aside from its miniature size is the main rotor design. The blades are made of Polypropelene which means they are light, durable and flexible. There is a main rotor/propeller that provides lift and another smaller propeller above it to provide stability. these props are tied together using connecting rods. So the top prop is basically a gyro. it has small metal weights on its tips. That means that when it starts to spin from a flat ground level, it acts as a gyroscope and resists tilting motion. As the heli tilts forward. the gryo remains level for a second and tugs the main blades. It tilts the blade to create more lift in the front bringing the heli back to level.

This guy R0XoRiZoR does a good job explaining how this works. And he has pictures. (scroll down to his post from July 2004.)

and this guy watersharer

I posted a video to show the gyro in action.

I am not ready to take mine apart yet but here is a site with some pics of a bearing/CF shaft mod and custom frame by azimov.


tiny motor

And by the way if you are looking for replacement motors you might try these guys at Robot Store HK I do not know if they are the same size as the rotor motor or tail motor, but they look pretty close.

I tried going on the manufacture’s site TECO but I cant seem to find any product info or specs.

Anyway Robot Store HK seems to be a really good resource for hobby robot parts.


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  1. LALALAL says:


  2. tyrus says:

    the havoc heli from walmart comes with an extra tail prop in the box. also if you want the helicopter to go forward with out much weight stick a tooth pick in the nose and wrap all of the included weights arond the end. add a little more weight if you want it to go faster

  3. Helicrasher1 (Lorne) says:

    I love the mods guys! I’m not brave enough to try all of them, but I have a question. I just bought my 3rd Havoc and I now have the set. I have been able to put a little scotch tape on the nose and get `the straight forward flight I want with very little wobble. But almost at the same time all 3 of my helis refuse to climb!! I can charge them up (yes new batteries) in fact I have tried 3-4 different types of batteries in the charger and the ones I have had the bes luck with are the Duracell rechargeable NIMH 2650ma they just charge quicker and last longer than any alkaline out there. but back to the Havoc, I have flown all of these quite a bit, I would say they have all been charged and flown 40-50 times each. Could it be that the lipos in the helis is just worn out? I have also tried tweaking the main rotors to get a little more angle on them for lift. But it only works for a minute then they straighten back out to their original shape. Any help would be appreciated. lrnlwk@hotmail.com

  4. Helicrasher1 (Lorne) says:


    I should have mentioned, I have the scotch tape method down pretty good. and the lift problem came well after the tape mods.

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